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This is just a little game we are playing so please neglect this post.

Someone in one of our WhatsApp groups is trying to sell SEO services by ranking for keywords like “Create Digital Portfolio in Vizag“. IMHO this keyword is worthless in my opinion because first there are no searches for this keyword and second it doesn’t make any sense. If someone is trying to sell SEO services at least they should try to get ranked for something more reasonable like SEO Services in Vizag. They have already changed the goalpost once by claiming they are ranking for keyword like “Digital Marketing Portfolio in Vizag”. Anyway let us see how long does it takes for this post to get ranked there.

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  1. May I know your website and where you rank yourself in serp
    let us check how good are you in your services
    Seeing this no one is interested in your challenges try something different to get more traffic for your website

    If you are good and someone in your whatsapp group is not good try to teach them to come up to your level

    1. You don’t really seem to get the point. Someone is selling SEO services in the group claiming to rank for keywords which are really not useful neither tough to rank for. If a new site like this can be ranked for a keyword in a day or two then how good or competitive that keyword really is. As for helping folks, we are always ready but are they really honest and upfront to ask for it?

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